How To Be A Super Parent When Your Kid Says, “My Tummy Hurts”

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Of all childhood ailments, none strikes fear into the hearts of parents like an upset tummy. After all, no one gets out of the toddler years without at least one traumatic event that started with the phrase, “My tummy feels funny,” and the PTSD can stick around for ages. But the good news is that most childhood tummy aches aren’t caused by anything serious. So if you’ve ruled out a virus that would necessitate a trip to the doctor, you can treat symptoms at home with Pepto Kids Chewables, which relieve heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach with a bubblegum flavored chewable tablet that even queasy kiddos will love. Here are five ways to be a Super Parent when you hear the dreaded words, “my tummy hurts!”:

1. Assess The Problem

Before you can address the issue, you need to know what you’re dealing with. First, ask your child for more details on where, exactly, the discomfort is coming from; this can help you distinguish between heartburn (upper torso/chest), sour stomach (right under the ribs), or intestinal woes (belly). If they have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, or your child has a temperature or trouble walking or you’re just not sure, call your pediatrician.

Pepto Kids Chewables
Pepto Kids

2. Dissect The Last Supper (Or Lunch, Or Snack)

Think back to the last thing your child ate, and how much. Did they just inhale half of a large pizza (been there!), barely chewing as they washed it down with some electric blue soda that bore the highly suspect label “naturally flavored”? Did they try something spicier than usual, or eat a cornucopia’s worth of fruit in one sitting? Were cruciferous vegetables on the dinner menu? Even healthy foods can cause heartburn or acid indigestion, and consuming too much or too little, not chewing well (side-eye, children everywhere), or introducing new flavors can sometimes upset little tummies, as can running around too much immediately after eating, which we all know is a feature of most children.

3. Help Them Get Comfy

Tummy aches may have different root causes, but they are always a good reason to stop moving and lie down. No, not you — although we know that’s tempting! Have your child lie in bed or on the couch with their preferred menagerie of toys and stuffies and their heads propped up on multiple pillows (lying flat can worsen indigestion from a sour stomach). Offer them sips of water, herbal tea (ginger and chamomile are all time-tested stomach-soothers), or some bites of bland food such as toast or banana if you suspect that hunger pangs may be the cause of the tummy trouble. Gentle stomach and abdominal massage or reflexology work on the feet can also help ease gas pains and aid digestion — just make sure to check with their pediatrician about any techniques you find online before you begin.

4. Soothe Symptoms With A Trusted Brand

Grown-ups know Pepto Bismol as the go-to treatment for stomach woes, so it’s no surprise we adore Pepto Kids Chewables, which offer proven relief for heartburn, indigestion, and upset tummies in a formula that’s specially designed for kids ages 2-11. And any parent who has ever tried to force-feed liquid medicine to a recalcitrant child will appreciate the bubble gum-flavored chewable tablets, which kids love. The active ingredient in Pepto Kids, calcium carbonate, gently and safely soothes upset stomachs, heartburn, and indigestion in little ones as young as two (as with all OTC medicine, check the dosage chart), which means quick relief for your kid and for you.

5. Give it A Day

Most mild upset stomach and digestive issues resolve quickly with the treatments outlined above, but it’s a good rule of thumb to keep an eye on your child for 24 hours from the onset of symptoms before letting them go back to their normal activity level and diet. Then again, kids tend to bounce back quickly, and after having a rest and taking a dose or two of Pepto Kids, we have a feeling they’ll be saying “Tummy ache? What tummy ache?” as they make a beeline for the pool, or the soccer field, or the ice cream truck. Your biggest challenge might be catching up with them!


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