10 Signs That You’re Turning Into Your Mother

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When you were a teenager, chances are you swore to yourself that you’d be nothing like your mom. Well now that you are older and maybe even have a few kids of your own, have you noticed some similarities between you and your mom? If any of these 10 scenarios sound familiar, then you’re definitely turning into your mother.

1. Social Media Is Confusing- You can’t keep up with all the changes in social media, nor do you have a desire to. Even though your children or friends have tried to show you how simple Snapchat is, it’s not worth your time. Don’t even get me started on ‘tbh’, ‘smh’, and all the other acronyms there are to keep up on.

2. You’re a Party Pooper– Remember when it was nine o’ clock at night and you would leave to go party with your friends? I recently found out a show we were seeing in Vegas started at 9 and I was shocked that an event would start so late! By 9 PM, all your mother (and now you) would want to do is throw on some PJ’s and sprawl out on the couch.

3. Hello Waterworks- You used to roll your eyes every time your mom would get weepy and cry over the dumbest things; well now you’re the one bawling over some commercial where a puppy in a pound can be rescued with your small donation of $19.95!

4. You’re A Tad Bossy- You make sure that everyone around you is doing what they’re supposed to. You’ll catch yourself telling your friends to, “watch your mouth”, “do your homework”, and “make good choices.”

5. You’re A Human Lie Detector – Whether it’s your boyfriend, your sister, or your kids, you can magically tell when someone is lying to you. You finally understand how your mother caught you every time – it’s mom magic or lying-radar. It’s just another fatal sign you’re turning into your mother.

6. Your Purse is Gigantic– There is nothing wrong with being prepared, your mom always was and now you are too. If anyone needs a tissue, snack, chap-stick, change, Tylenol, pen, paper or coupon, they know who they can count on. Just the other day, I asked my co-worker if she had nail clippers in her purse (because it was huge) and she did! Crisis averted.

7. Neat Freak– You didn’t used to be this way, growing up your room may have even been a little messy. But now that you’re out on your own, you’ve noticed that you care about things being clean and orderly. You may even clean up after your roommates and feel guilty for all the messes your mom cleaned up for you throughout the years.

8. Are You Hungry? Whenever friends or guests come over, you always make sure that you have some type of snack and drink prepared for them. Or when a new neighbor moves in you find yourself whipping up your mom’s famous batch of cookies.

9. You’re The Group Mom– Your friends might tease you about being the group “mom” because you make sure that everyone brings a coat so they won’t be cold, they use proper manners and you correct their grammar when they say something incorrectly.

10. You Roll Your Eyes… A Lot. When a friend tells you an immature joke, when obnoxious teenagers are being way too loud, when you notice a girl acting dumb to get attention, and countless other examples have you rolling your eyes throughout the day, you’re definitely in mom mode.

If you’ve recognized these scenarios becoming more and more prevalent in your life, then the transformation is almost complete and you’ll soon be your mother. Is that a bad thing… absolutely not! Your mom raised you after all and you’re amazing.

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