5 Facebook Buttons Parents Wish They Had

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But in our virtual life, the “like” button is too limiting. Sometimes a friend makes a sad post on Facebook, and I want to show some solidarity and support, but it just feels weird “liking” a death in their family, or something that’s causing them distress. I used to work at a company that had a site featuring articles about historical figures, and they faced the perpetual challenge of asking their audience to “like” pages about Adolf Hitler.

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that he is against the idea of a “dislike” button, because it’s not good for community, and I can respect that. But we are still in need of some more options. As parents, our needs get even more specific, so I suggest the following:

1. I Can See This Too

For when your kids post pictures of themselves in an outfit they had to sneak out of the house to wear.

2. Come Home Now

For when your teen is posting selfies from a questionable location.

3. Spellcheck

So we can mock our children for their typos.

4. Cry Me a River

For when you catch them complaining about you.

5. I Thought You Hated Her!

For parents who are keeping tabs on their kids’ friends, or think they are.

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