5 myths about working from home—what mamas really need to know

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Visions of going to work in your home office while wearing comfortable yoga pants instead of commuting an hour away to a glorified cubicle while wearing business attire might seem like a pipe dream.

Can you really have a successful career without a commute while having more time to spend with your kids?

From the jobs that really can be done from your domicile to whether you need childcare, here are five myths debunked about working from home.

1.The only jobs available for working from home are in customer service and IT/web development

So false! In fact, most of the tools used in an office setting are the same used from home, including IM, email, document sharing, etc. Recent listings for home-based positions demonstrate that they can be found in almost every industry, and ranging in experience from entry-level to executive.

Some examples in the variety in professions include a CEO, Lawyer, an RN Coach, Gardening Expert, Online Shopping Gift Editor, Elementary Teacher, Claims Investigator, Microbiologist and a Membership Development Manager. (Check out sites like Apres and FairyGodboss for more job openings.)

2. You won’t be as productive

False! Studies have shown that without the distractions from co-workers stopping by your desk for a chat coupled with other in-office interruptions, employees are much more productive working from home. In fact, Stanford researchers noted in a recent report, “We find a 12% increase in performance from home-working, of which 8.5% is from working more minutes of per shift (fewer breaks and sick-days) and 3.5% from higher performance per minute (quieter working environment).”

3. It’ll be too hard to get work done with everything to do at my house

Could be true, but it’s up to you to change!

Working from home isn’t for everyone because it does require self-discipline. A common successful approach is to set designated “working hours” and focus only on your job during those times. Does this mean you can’t throw in a load of laundry while on a coffee break? No, but it does mean you should put off folding any clothes until you hear that 5 o’clock whistle, so to speak.

4. You won’t need childcare

So not true.

Although some moms think working from home is a way to save money on childcare, this is really not recommended if you take your professional job seriously. Both your work and your child deserve your undivided attention, and ideally should not be interrupting each other or competing for time, or else you’ll likely short change both.

Plan to have a reliable school situation or caregiver for the hours you ‘re dedicated to work so you can remain focused and accomplish your goals in a shorter amount of time. With your tasks completed, you’ll be less stressed and more excited when it comes to playing patty-cake!

5. The office and your boss will forget about you

That’s entirely up to you!


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