All the weird, wonderful thoughts pregnant women have about their changing bodies

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pregnant woman

Pregnancy is beautiful, yes. But let’s be honest—it’s pretty weird to be in a body going through such dramatic changes. Whether you’re currently pregnant or just have vivid memories of it, we think you can probably relate to all the uncomfortable, wonderful, awe-inspiring ways your body shifts and transforms as your baby grows in those 40 weeks.

Here are some of the thoughts #TeamMotherly had as we observed our changing pregnant bodies:

1. “Are my feet getting bigger?”

2. “Wait, my hair is... BEAUTIFUL!”

3. “How much bigger am I really going to get?”

4. “Wow, my boobs are HUGE!”

5. “Why can't I paint my toenails anymore?


7. “Who knew that your knees could get fatter?”

8. “Why do my wrists hurt?”

9. “How will all of this ever go back to normal?”

10. “Is that a stretch mark? That’s not a stretch mark. Wait, is that a stretch mark?! That’s not a stretch mark…” [repeat a gazillion times].

11. “What is this weird line running up and down my belly?”

12. “Why do I have the weirdest belly button ever?”

13. “Was that a kick? I think it was a kick.”

14. “When will I start looking pregnant instead of just bloated?”

15. “Why is my nose always running?”

16. “My freckles are taking over!”

17. “When will this heartburn go away?”

18. “I am LOVING my skin. It actually is glowing.”

19. “My nails are so long and growing so quickly, it's awesome.”

20. “My toes are sausages.”

21. “[Looking at another pregnant friend] Why is her belly so compact and high?”

22. “Why have I developed a second layer of face?”

23. “Why am I breaking out?”

24. “I love feeling the kicks!”

25. “I have to pee. Again. And again. And again…”

26. “My back hurts. And my knees. And my pelvic bones… I think my teeth hurt too.”

27. “I love this bump and the future it means!”

I know it’s hard to believe this mama, but this season of pregnancy, and all the weird body things it brings, will be over before you know it. So take a deep breath, and marvel at how awesome you really are.


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