Home Organization During Self-Isolation

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Like most moms, I’m trying to use this very weird time in history to accomplish a few things. Some days I feel like I’ve accomplished enough if I’ve simply kept my small humans alive. On the days that I’m feeling motivated, I have been busy getting the house organized. Well, trying at least. We recently launched new Household Labels over at Mabel’s Labels, so I decided to start with targeting the areas that I could label!


  • I realized that my entire pantry was overflowing with food and products that were either expired or just not touched by any family member. The first job was to clear that space out!
  • I did some ordering of acrylic storage containers that are perfect for organizing everything in the pantry. The containers are clear, and my Household Labels look amazing on them!
  • The next job I tackled was the fridge. Or shall I call it “the cold space where science experiments were well underway.”
  • My spice cupboard needed a refresh! I ordered spice jars off of Amazon and my spice labels are looking super sleek on them!
  • Have you got a refrigerator “leftover” situation? The products from Wean Green can help!

The Bathroom:

  • I went through the medicine cabinet and cleared out old prescriptions and expired medicines.
  • Why did I have so much make-up? My cosmetics needed a make-over of their own! Yes, I still had lipsticks from 20-years-ago and I know I’m not the only one out there!
  • I love using the multi-purpose baggies from Bumkins. They work well for organizing toiletries!

The Playroom:

  • I strongly suggest you get the kids involved in this one. Throw on some music and get them organizing their toys and activities. I would set a goal for how many toys are going to be donated or otherwise leaving your house never to return! This room can be a source of frustration. If your small humans are being uncooperative, I would put anything on the floor in a garbage bag and store in the garage until a time your helpers do as they should. If they don’t notice the toys missing, you may never have to bring them back in the house – a mother’s dream come true!

How are you doing at home with the kiddos? Have you been concentrating on surviving together in close corners, or have you felt motivated and inspired to do some organizing that you may have been procrastinating doing for far too long? Either way, don’t be hard on yourself. These are crazy times for parents to be navigating.

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