The Best Mom Advice Nobody Gave You

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There are plenty of articles and books telling you how to mom, and sure, those are great. But what really helps a new mom figure stuff out are other moms.

We asked the Scary Mommy community to tell us, “What’s one thing you would tell a new mom that no one told you?” Here’s some of the best judgment-free, totally-been-there advice no one thought to tell you but Scary Mommies absolutely had to share.

Because once the kid is in the car, you’re leaving.

Layers aren’t just for the outdoors.


It’s worth it.

Save your sanity!

Ohhh, THAT’S why!


Tune them right out.

The floodgates will open, and it won’t be pretty.

Show me the lie?

Different, yes. Easier? Uh…

Don’t take advice from those without kids.

Just keep it in your inside voice.

Screw mom guilt.

Show the receipts.

Lazy yet efficient.

No need to be so fancy, Nancy.

And you thought nails on a chalkboard were bad.

We’ve been there.

Oh, Jeeves…

Napping is a new mom’s BFF.

It ain’t always love at first sight.

Negotiation is key.

We’re all pretty much clueless here.

Moms who have been there, done that know what’s worked for their families. Remember, your mileage may vary, but there’s still no better source for parenting advice than another mom who’s winged motherhood so hard, the only thing she drops are pro tips that get you, like “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

We do know one thing for sure though: You’re doing GREAT, mom. Really. You are. We promise.

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