Why I Won’t Come To Your Mid-Week Event

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Dear Friends,

No, I will not come to your middle of the week event.

I love you, but my introverted self is too mentally and physically exhausted to make it—no matter how much I want to be there. For extroverts, you need to be around people to fuel yourself, to feel energized. For me, just being around people at work all day–not including the work itself—is draining.

I live 50% of the time with a 2.5-year-old and 100% of the time with an amazing man, both of whom I love with all my heart. But they both require emotional support and attention—and I genuinely love to be one of the people in their lives to give that to them.

I want to be there, fully engaged with them all of the time. But, for an introvert especially, that can be draining.

Now tack on all the other responsibilities that fall into the daily life on an adult — including updating/renovating a house and multiple pets– and you can easily see how my time is dispersed across them all. I’m exhausted by the end of every day.

The small window of quietly sitting on the couch watching X-Files reruns with my partner at the end of the day, that’s where I find my peace.

I promise I love you and will make time to see you, but I hope you can understand why it will rarely be on a weeknight. See you (maybe) on Friday.

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